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Vancouver, BC

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Integrity, not magic. Logical follow through, not anxious conjuring. Energizing clear-headed pragmatism in the midst of work that many people find taxing – that’s how I help you transform your sales process.

You can’t trick anyone into buying anything. However, you can find unique ways to understand what they need.

Deconstructing my techniques, looking for the underlying principles that guided what had always been an instinctual process. What did I find? – Contrary to traditional logic – I didn’t sell or pitch. In fact, finding that conventional sales approaches tended to get in the way, I did the opposite. Thus, the Anti-Pitch was born.

I have had quite the journey, both personally and professionally. I discovered what I’m about along the way. I am strong, intelligent and business savvy.

I’m able to move in many worlds – from corporate to solopreneur, I can meld. I believe corporate systems can benefit from using more creative and personal approaches and the creatives among us could use some effective business understandings.

Compassionate pragmatism is one of the greatest strengths I offer my clients.

I am a laser focused sales tactician for creative entrepreneurs and corporate sales organizations. I have started and grown an executive luxury travel firm, a gluten-free manufacturing enterprise (servicing major retailers and restaurants nationwide) and am the founder of The Anti-Pitch.

Be True to Your Most Authentic Self – Not in the New Age Kind of Way, but in the

“I Feel Really Good About Myself and My Business” Kind of Way.

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