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Dayan Paul is an American Film Maker and Digital Media producer. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York as an Illustration major in 1990 and later received a Masters in Computer Art in 1993 with a full scholarship from the same school.

While living in New Jersey in the early 90s he entered the Digital Revolution, and developed CD Rom products which lead to the development of other interactive projects for Disney Quest, Time Warner Music Group, MTV, and many other high profile clients. The Digital Revolution was a time of invention when he would develop video games, animated films, interactive web sites, and virtual reality rides.

By 1998 he move to Montera, California and started Digital Nightmare Arts, and provided interactive media services to Bay Area companies, including Palo Alto based Video Slot Machine developer Silicon Gaming, known for it's cutting edge graphics on the Odyssey platform.

Just before the Dot bomb era in early 2001 he moved to Northern Nevada and revolutionized the Video Slot industry by creating cutting edge gaming titles like Alien, The Terminator.

In 2003 he formed Antipode Entertainment Inc, with his wife AnnaSheila Paul and put several film projects into development. Antipode continues to provide HD video and animation services for films and LCD/Plama displays, and has teamed up with Axis Design in New York, to provide and development in Video Games, and web development.

Dayan Paul is currently visual effects supervising “The Villikon Chronicles Film” and is the creator of Courageous Crustaceans, Primordial Soup, and the Hog Wild independent films. He is also currently on the judging panel for the Reno Film Festival and the Tahoe Film Festival.

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