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Bragança, Portugal, 1985. He finished his Professional Photography course at Instituto Português de Fotografia of Porto in 2005. Obtained his Bachelor's degree in Audio and Image in Universidade Católica Portuguesa of Porto in 2008. Concluded his Master's degree in Audiovisual Communication with his major in Production and Directing at Instituto Politécnico do Porto in 2010.

Since the beginning of his academic path he took part of numerous short-movies, feature films, documentaries and Tv shows as a Cinematographer. He worked in all different kinds of productions throughout Middle East (Jordan, Yemen, Palestine) the last ones where: the feature film “Oversized Coat” for Nawras Media production house; feature length TV documentary “Camera and the City - Yemen” for the production house, Vision, client Al Jazeera Documentary; the comedy show “The Rania Show” for the production house Green Bananas, client Roya TV; and the tv series "The Asphalt Color” for the production house Pan East Media, client Abu Dhabi TV (ADTV).

He was a teacher at Instituto Politécnico de Bragança in the academic year of 2009-2010. In June 2010 he was invited to teach Cinematography at SAE Amman, Jordan. He collaborated punctually with this institution until 2012. Since 2009 that he collaborates with Universidade Católica Portuguesa of Porto, as a lecturer in classes related with Photography. Nowadays he teaches the Lighting class of the Photography Master degree in the same academic institution.

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