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  1. 42:25

    Corporate Videos

    by Antonis T

    7 Videos

    Here you can find some of my sound work featured in Corporate Videos

  2. 01:09


    by Antonis T

    4 Videos

    Sound and video work for James Hillier in association with MOFILM (http://www.mofilm.com)

  3. 00:00

    Discovery Channel Sound Work

    by Antonis T

    12 Videos

    Music and sound for the Discovery Channel

  4. 25:06

    Nickelodeon Sound Work

    by Antonis T

    17 Videos

    Sound work for Nickelodeon UK

  5. 35:53

    Films & Documentaries

    by Antonis T

    14 Videos

    Past work on shorts, films and documentaries

  6. 00:00

    Compositions for TV Promos

    by Antonis T

    12 Videos

    A sample of TV Promo work

  7. 00:00

    Compositions for TV Commercials

    by Antonis T

    11 Videos

    A sample of TV Commercial work

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