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Anton Steel secretly wishes that he was a professional surfer…

He has directed on Feature Films, TV dramas, TV Commercials, music videos for a varied range of artists, and several short films that have been shown in festivals everywhere from Sydney to Switzerland. isosceles won best Indie Short at the 2010 Magma Film Festival and The Insatiable Moon, an indie feature he helped produce and 2nd Unit Directed, received 4 star reviews and recently won the Award for Feature Films made outside the USA at the Moondance Festival.

Working as an Assistant Director from 1997 til 2010 gave him the invaluable opportunity to learn the craft of directing from a wide range of national and international directors on everything from $300 million blockbusters to grassroots digi-features. He recently directed the Green Party’s TVC Campaign, and is developing several feature films including The Potential Better

Anton’s interests and hobbies include (in no particular order): sustainable living, his wife Kylie, gardening, his 10 month old son Malachi, cooking spicy food, drinking coffee and his dog Chloe who can open doors with her paws....just like Lassie. He dislikes: injuring himself, pollution, being late, rude selfish people, reality tv and getting stuck in traffic.

He counts City of God, Into the Wild, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Jesus Son, Donnie Darko, The Graduate, Blade Runner and Goodbye Pork Pie as some of the greatest films ever made. And despite a love for low/no budget indie films that tell stories that touch people’s hearts, minds and souls, he did go and see Avatar 3D…….twice…….


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