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Soy compositor de bandas sonoras y músico (flautista y guitarrista)
Me interesa el mundo de la composición musical para Bandas sonoras de cine, documentales, radio,...
Mis estilos son música clásica, experimental. folk, celta, jazz,...

I am music composer and musician

I am interested in compose classical and other kind of music (chill out, folk, celtic, newage,experimental...)music for cinema, tv, radio

I like to create sensations with my music (happyness, sadness, horror,drama, action,...)


Kind Regards

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  1. Horsefly Productions
  2. Motion Arc Studios
  3. Wildeye
  5. Aksel Rifman

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  1. Hello My name is Anxo Martinez I am a music composer, orchestrator, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer from Spain you can listen to samples of my job at Kind Regards