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Alexis O. Korycinski is an award-winning filmmaker with a penchant for raw human stories. A Virginia native and Syracuse University graduate, she’s been a storyteller since a young age, naturally drawn toward theatre and film.

In the midst of her studies at Syracuse University, her journey led her abroad where she studied and performed in London at the Globe Theatre. She was then selected for the inaugural Aaron “Sorkin Week” immersion program where she worked on STUDIO 60: ON THE SUNSET STRIP. After graduating, she assisted Tommy Schlamme on LIFE ON MARS. It was then that she knew she wanted to pursue a career as a narrative director.

Alexis’ first directing project after college was one of passion, DEFINING BEAUTY: MS. WHEELCHAIR AMERICA. DEFINING BEAUTY premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2011 and garnered the Audience Award for Best Documentary as well as numerous awards in other festivals. She went on to produce documentaries for History, TLC, Travel Channel and The Society of Camera Operator Awards.

Since finding documentary success, Alexis has been steadily transitioning toward narrative content development, with a variety of collaborative and independent projects. She is currently in post-production on BALLON, a short film about drug addiction set in the world of professional dance. She also spends her days developing content for Spotted Cow Entertainment and writing television projects with her husband.

Alexis resides in North Hollywood with her husband and twenty-pound cat.

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  • Ballon - Ballon is a short film about a professional ballerina who must confront her cocaine addiction when she crumbles during a career-defining audition.


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