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André Parente ( is an artist and new media and cinema researcher. He holds a Ph.D in Cinema and Philosophy, under the direction of Gilles Deleuze at the University of Paris 8. In 1987, he was appointed Professor and researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he created the Image-Technology Center (N-Imagem). Between 1977 and 2006, he made a number of videos, films, and installations with a chiefly experimental and conceptual approach. His work was exhibited in Brazil, South-America, Europe and Asia, and received the Sergio Motta Award for Art and Technology, the Petrobrás, Virtual Reality Mostra award, Itaú Cultural Hipermedia award, and Oi Cultural for Visual Art prize, among others. He published a hundred of articles and dozen of books. Among his books, we highlight Imagem-Máquina (1993); Sobre o Cinema do Simulacro (1998); O Virtual e o Hipertextual (1999); Narrativa e Modernidade: os Cinemas Não-narrativos do Pós-guerra (2000); Tramas da Rede (2004); Cinéma et Narrativité (L’Harmattan, 2005); Cinema em trânsito (2011).

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