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Apart is a colourist, Editor, Director, videographer...

Welcome to my world!!


A-List Sessions ‘LaDolla” - Editor/Colourist 2012
Artist Promo Prod Co: Arcadium Studios

Edencancan ‘Company Reel’ - Editor/Colourist 2012
Showreel Prod Co: Bang Boom Creative

Incisive ‘It’s Alight - Videographer 2012
Behind The Scenes Prod Co: My Ish/Bang Boom Creative

Incisive ‘It’s Alright’ - Colourist 2012
Music Promo Dir: Luke Van Boom

Panjabi Hit Squad ‘Dil Mera’ - Colourist 2012
Music Promo Dir: Loraine Ffrench

A Fistful of Sandwich (Short Film) - Colourist 2012
Dir: Phillipe Loene Format: HD

Frankie and the Heartstrings ‘Everybody looks better (in the right light)’ - Colourist 2011
Music Promo Dir: James Sharpe

Other Dance (Short Film) - Colourist 2011
Dir: BIshoy Fawzy Format: Red 2K

Panjabi Hit Squad ‘Ms Soniyeh’ - Colourist 2011
Music Promo Dir: Loraine Ffrench

Evans Baby (Feature Film & Trailer) – Compositor/Online Editor/Colourist 2011
Dir: Devron Callender Format: HD

Dove: Confidence the Body Over - Online Editor/Colourist 2011
Advert Dir: Caroline Bridges

Au Revoir Monkeys - Online Editor/Colourist 2011
Short Fiction Dir: Janis Nords

Messenger of the Great River - Online Editor/Colourist 2011
Documentary Dir: Noble Fox

Ed Sheeran ft P Money ‘Family’ - Offline Editor/Online Editor/Colourist 2010
Music Promo Dir: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings

Ripple Effect - Online Editor/Colourist 2010
Documentary Dir: Noble Fox

Director’s Cut - Online Editor/Colourist 2010
Television Dir: Lee Verdon

Blush Furiously - Online Editor/Colourist 2010
Short Fiction Dir: Robert McKillop

Ulysses - Online Editor/Colourist 2010
Poetry Documentary Dir: Mike Nicholls

This Body - Online Editor/Colourist 2010
Poetry Documentary Dir: Ling Lee * Selected for South China Film Festival

What are you up to? - Colourist 2010
Short Fiction Dir: Loraine Ffrench

Jack Jones ft Tuggawar & Gappy Ranks ‘Oh No’ - Colourist 2010
Music Promo Dir: Teddy Nygh

Oxjam ‘The Overflow Sessions’ - Editor/Colourist 2009
Event Promo Dir: Tamara Barton Campbell

Dirty Rich - Editor/Colourist 2009
TV Pilot Dir: Loraine Ffrench

Crystal Fighters ‘Xtatic Truth’ - Colourist 2009
Music Promo Dir: James Spencer

My Passion ‘Never Everland’- Editor/Colourist 2009
Music Promo Dir: Mariessa Duffield

Cherry on the cake - Online Editor/Colourist 2009
Animation Dir: Hye-Bin Lee * Best Animation - Shanghai International Film Festival

Kodak: Zi6 - The Chase - Online Editor/Colourist 2008
Advert Dir: Lawrence Huck

Motozine: ZN5 - Creative Revolution - Online Editor/Colourist 2008
Advert Dir: Vanessa Whyte

Emma and Ben - Online Editor/Colourist 2008
Documentary Dir: Vanessa Stockley

One on One - 25th Anniversary of the Air Force One - Editor (Offline/Online) 2007
Nike/Deal Real Records (Web and Bluetooth clips)

A Goat’s Tail (Feature Film) - Editor (Offline/Online) 2005/6
Amedume Films Dir: Julius Amedume Format: 8mm, 16mm, HD Dur: 124 mins

Streetbeatz (Corporate Video) - Editor (Offline/Online) 2005
Peabody Trust/Metropolitan Police

Lewisham Business Awards (Winners Ceremony Inserts) - Editor (Offline/Online) 2005
Lewisham Council


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