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My passions are music, art, writing and film making. I have a strong background in music and grew up around it. I have managed and produced bands. I have researched my subject for 30 years and hope to write a book based on my website.

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  • Apathy Kills website (repairing) - Investigative research and analysis of the Illuminati New World Order
  • Apathy Kills blog - When the Corporate Mainstream Media Controls The Question, We Don't Ask Any", thus forfeiting our right to the Truth, endorsing what is done in our name by the Globalist Illuminati New World Order.
  • Apathy Kills Facebook page - This page is intended to be an alternative media source to expose the truth on escalating world events as part of the Illuminati agenda devised in 1776 and periodically reviewed at certain points in history at clandestine meetings by an elite group.


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