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I am a cinematographer based in London Uk, having enjoyed and studied photography, film and technology from an early age I naturally moved into filmmaking and more specifically cinematography. In 2013 I graduated from the National Film and Television schools cinematography program.

My main drive is storytelling but I also have a comprehensive technical knowledge of all the elements of my role, with experience in film and most digital systems ( Arri Alexa, Red, Sony etc), high speed photography ( Phantom flex/gold/miro) cranes, hot heads and motion control , dmx lighting systems/desks , post vfx, grading and online.

In 2010 I shot my first micro budget feature 'INME' and Vimeo award nominated 'THE HIVE' by Ed Lilly. In 2012 I shot 'THE SHOT' By David Schofield which won the Jessops Film competition judged by Paul WS Anderson and 'IRREVERSIBLE' with director Lewis Metcalfe, which went on to win 'Best UK short' at the Raindance film festival 2013. My ultimate aim going forwards is too shoot features and commercials while continuing my development through shorts and music videos.

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