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We are Belgian and we have started this small business because we believe we can make a difference. We’re located in a small city called Mechelen, in the Flanders region. We are extremely passionate about traveling, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people.
Millions of people are traveling every day and we are convinced that most of them are open to meet new people and share experiences. Maybe they even want to chat about the weather conditions or the ridiculous price of a latte macchiato. Still, even though we’re all connected, there is this natural hesitance towards actually communicating.
With A Perfect Stranger, we’re reaching out to you and we’re giving you a card that will make that initial introduction easier. As a perfect stranger, you’ll be giving a compliment every time you hand out a card, leaving both you and the other stranger with a warm and joyful feeling as you go your ways.
Additionally, we’re creating a massive website that will allow you to communicate through text and pictures with everyone who ever registered that very card before. You’ll also be able to track each card that passes through your hands: each card will have its own page on which a map will show you where the card has been and where it goes next.

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