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Rita-Marie Lawlor is an award winning filmmaker and photographer from Dublin, Ireland. Her new debut feature film Apollo Music Club has had two screenings in Ireland so far, once at it's premier and also at the Waterford film festival 2008.
It was originally made into a 40 minute TV pilot in 2006, but after failing to attract TV producers she decided to re-write 475 pages of a six part drama series into a single 120 film script. On the third draft and ten months in prep it was ready to go ahead. Unable to get proper funding from the Arts Council, Irish Film Board or any other governing body/sponsors she self funded the film on just €3,000.

Apollo Music Club is an RML Films Production
Film Ireland magazine and IFTN have written numerous articles on the film

Rita-Marie began her studies within the media in 1996 when she was awarded distinctions in music theory from Victoria college of music, London. She later received various certificates in performing arts between '96 -'98 - for dramatic performances which were performed in both Dublin and London. She later wrote plays for radio and for a brief time went on to teach drama to children and adults after she was awarded a guildhall diploma in theatre studies from Inchicore college Dublin.
While working on many films sets in between, whether it be acting/extra/ or stills photographer, she went on to study photography and film production full time for three years, and graduated in 2004. She was principal photographer from 2004-2006 with Movie Extras.
Rita-Marie has a B TEC HND in film production. She, along with co-director and pruducer won best film award for their short film Innocence which was screened in the Irish Film Insitute, Dublin.
Her variety of film roles have included production assistant, stills photographer, camera assistant, director,
producer, screenwriter, extra, actor and casting director.

Although her photography work mainly consists of sports - rugby union in particular, her work has appeared on numerous sites and in newspapers. Her work ranges from fashion, sports, film stills, music, alternative and portraits.
She is Royal Photographic Society (London) accredited after she was awarded distinctions for her portfolio's.


Rita-Marie is a peaceful animal rights activist and is a member of Animal Rights Action Network - aran.ie
She campaigns and organisies/co-organises peaceful demo's against the Canadian Seal hunt, the fur trade, fox hunting,
animal experiments, animals in circuses, hare coursing and all blood 'sports' and many more. She has been a strict vegetarian for twenty years.

A student of Korean martial art for four years she has a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do. She also practiced T'ai Chi for a year and practices Yoga - three styles - hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga as well as aerobic kickboxing.
She also has certificates in psychology/criminology and forenzic psychology after she studied it in 2005.
She enjoys playing guitar, writing, reading biographies, cheering on the Dubs in gaelic football as well as Leinster and Leicester Tigers when it comes to rugby.

Currently she has begun writing a new feature script, and has completed one short script and a TV pilot which she plans to collaborate with other writers. She also has a number of photographic projects in the pipeline.

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