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So you just developed an iPhone App, iPad App, iPod App or Mac App and you’re looking for to get in the top 50 of the app store. Well…this can be very challenging, but with the right app marketing techniques you will be well on your way. The best place to start is right here with a quality written app review and video app review from AppDictions. Our app review process identifies the best apps in the marketplace. We extensively test your application, do a write up or video of our experience using your app, and promote it to our audience.

AppDictions recently announced a new Video App Review service. This new service revolutionizes the way video app reviews are produced. We do this by having the right person behind the camera and microphone. Joshua Smith, a young inspiring journalist partnered with AppDictions to swarm the market and introduce a cool new way to present video app reviews. With a Picture-in-Picture Video App Review style, Joshua grabs his audiences attention and his enthusiasm helps potential customers make decisions.

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