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Guinivere Stevenson was born in 1976 and raised in Colorado. In 2005, after nearly 10 years in advertising/marketing she decided to take a shot at filmmaking using one of her short stories. With the help of two extremely talented filmmakers (Chad Smith, of Monkey Angel Studios, and Jefferson Arca) that short story became 'Bowl of Lives' a short, silent film. In 2005-2006 'Bowl of Lives' screened in a handful of film festivals across the globe as well as on ManiaTV and public television around the US.

“Jefferson and I were adapting ‘Bowl of Lives’ to screen…he was typing, I was trying to articulate the images in my mind. While at a pause, I caught my reflection in the window. I was blown away by what I saw…a smile – a grin really, ear to ear, an expression of joy that I’d never seen on my face before that night. I realized at that very moment that I had finally found my passion and my medium.”

In 2010 Guinivere founded ArchedBrow Productions with Shannon Moran and Edward Rustad. Since then ArchedBrow has produced a number of short films, a music video and one feature documentary.

Awards & Achievements:

Editor’s Choice Award, March 2008: For outstanding achievement in poetry; presented by the International Library of Poetry.

People’s Choice Award, May 2009, Digital Visions Film Festival, Short Silent Film 'Three Minute Egg'

Published in 4 editions of UCD Screenwriting Textbook, ‘Rack The Focus’, Edition Numbers 5 –8 (2008-2010), ‘Take What You’re Served’ - Stage Play

Graduated Cum Laude December 2011, The University of Colorado at Denver, BFA Film Writing & Direction

College of Arts & Media- CU Denver Impact Award, In recognition of an outstanding commitment to the arts, CAM and the community.

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