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Arledge Armenaki (Director of Photography) has had a long and varied experience in feature film and documentary work, and has trained many other cinematographers in the art through his work at Western Carolina University, the North Carolina School of the Arts, and the Brooks Institute of Photography.
“WESLEY” a feature film is currently in release. This true story, filled with adventure and challenge, is one that is a natural for the silver screen. It has a bit of the swashbuckling energy of Master and Commander and some of the bittersweet romance of Sense and Sensibility - and it is a film that conveys a powerful message pertinent to our times.
Critical comments: "Beautifully filmed." - IMDB Review, "Best film of its type I have seen" - Peter McGuire, "Inspiring!" - Rev Martha Ballard
Arledge’s work has been recognized at numerous film festivals, including a BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY award at the Marco Island Film Festival for the feature film “A LETTER FROM FATHER”. He received the North Carolina Filmmakers Award at the River Run Film Festival for Co-Director/Cinematographer on “SURRENDERING IN A CAMPIONS WORLD. Other feature films include SOUTH OF HELL, CLUB FED, HOWLING V, and DENNIS THE MENACE.

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