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He achieved a degree in Communication studies at the “Universidad Iberoamericana” and a Masters degree in Creative Documentary at the “Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona" where he produced two documentaries; "Los días de cada día" and "Juanita" which was screened in Sitges Spain Festival (2002). He has participated in several workshops related to cinema, documentary and experimental cinema at Italy, Spain and México.

He worked in a production company called “Banco de Ideas” where he did several short films and four television programs about the history of Veracruz called “Veracruz de Corazón” (2003).

He co-founded the production company OZUmedia S.C. a collective of multimedia, illustration, graphic, audio, photograph, web and animation and film.
With them did the audiovisual campaign for the ethical and music international festival “Cumbre Tajín” from 2005 to 2008.
Coordinated the visual campaign for the International Film Festival of Guadalajara from 2008 to 2010.

Co-directed of the feature film “Victorio” with the performance of Roberto Sosa, Luis Fernando Peña, Cármen Salinas, Irán castillo and Manuel Ojeda. Produced by DMM Films. Screened at the Acapulco Film Festival and the Iberamerican Film Festival of Huelva. Winner of the opera prima and best male performance of Roberto Sosa at the Guanajuato Film Festival (2009).

His works have been exposed in many different places like The Museum of Bellas Artes in México city, The Museum of Virreinal Arts in Puebla, The Amparo Museum, and the Cultural Center of Barcelona. He had collaborated with several artists: Jan Hendrix, Per Anderson, Elsa Naveda, José Bayro, Yara Almoina and Antonio Audirac.

Currently he is working with the English director Julien Temple directing the second unit for his new documentary “Tijuana the other side”:

To see some of his complete personal work visit:

To see the OZUmedia project visit:

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