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I'm a multiskiller, doing all kind of media productions. This here is more or less what I do in my spare and what raises my interest. Also what I do in the field of cheap production and videography.


  1. media productions
  2. Nova deViator
  3. opusBou
  4. sv . PIXEL
  5. Dejan Dornik
  6. Channel Zero
  7. Vesna Vravnik
  8. Memo Akten
  9. Pavel Gregoric
  10. hudson lines
  11. Taylor Christoffel
  12. Shylo Love
  13. Sara Bujak
  14. Daniel Palacios
  15. Eugenia Loli
  16. George Toledo
  17. Transmeet.Tv
  18. Patryk Kizny

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