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  1. Cinema X

    by Jon Behrens

    253 Videos / 285 Followers

    This channel features experimental and avant garde films made by filmmakers from around the world including the work of Thorsten Fleisch, , Eric Ostrowski,Larry Kless, , Kara MacKenzie and many many…

  2. The Renaissance Society

    by The Renaissance Society

    73 Videos / 32 Followers

    Focusing on the forefront of the visual arts, The Renaissance Society maintains an international reputation as one of the finest resources for contemporary art: a place to experience the spiritual,…


    by white tube

    54 Videos / 19 Followers

    Interviews mit Künstlern und Kuratoren, Ausstelllungen Gespräche und Vorträge über bildende Kunst in Hamburg und Norddeutschland. www.whitetube.de follow whitetube.de on…

  4. INCITE Journal of Experimental Media

    by INCITE Journal

    12 Videos / 68 Followers

    This is the video channel of INCITE Journal of Experimental Media. http://www.incite-online.net

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