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  1. Short Docs

    by Joe P. joined

    24 Videos / 9 Members

    This is where you can have your short documentaries seen by a community of probably like-minded people. Accepting any and all kinds of documentaries.

  2. Documentary Shorts

    by Tongue&Groove Media joined

    16 Videos / 8 Members

    Here we showcase, documentary shorts, pitches, and any non-fiction that tell a story in 30min or less!

  3. Documentaries

    by Alwyn Tay joined

    64 Videos / 40 Members

    For all types of documentaries.

  4. Documentaries/Short Films

    by Travis Valentine joined

    144 Videos / 37 Members

  5. Short Documentaries

    by Kate Logan joined

    52 Videos / 25 Members

    A selection of short documentaries and short films (5mins or less).

  6. Short Documentary & Video Contests

    by Eddy B joined

    309 Videos / 236 Members

    A place to post information, including entry video, on contests for filmmakers and documentarians. This group is curated by Reel Insights, which runs contests offering documentarians an creative…

  7. scifiandhorror

    by UK-Bodybuilding joined

    223 Videos / 177 Members

    Science Fiction and Horror.

  8. Candlelight Stories Short Films

    by Alessandro Cima joined

    931 Videos / 402 Members

    We are looking for good films to feature on http://www.CandlelightStories.com and add to the Candlelight Stories Short Films Vimeo Channel (http://vimeo.com/channels/candlelightstories). The site…

  9. Sci Fi Juice

    by Wolf Valley Films joined

    151 Videos / 107 Members

    Love Sci Fi? Got a film you'd like to showcase? You're in the right place! Short films, features & trailers only please.

  10. Shorts and Webisodes

    by Stephan Gray joined

    2,079 Videos / 661 Members

    Pretty self explanatory

  11. singularity

    by bukem joined

    18 Videos / 3 Members

    Just a bunch of videos i think are intersting

  12. Accelerating Future

    by MIRI joined

    182 Videos / 86 Members

    Transhumanism, AI, nanotechnology, and human extinction risk.

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