The Art of Expression

Vancouver, BC

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The Art of Expression is a series of videos focusing on local individuals who’ve committed themselves to a particular artistic endeavour. It is the exploration of expression through a creative medium and what it means to the that particular individual.

Created by Miles Forster, Mitch Bax and Chris Bolton

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  2. bromo
  3. Carlos Enciso
  4. Buck
  5. Stephen Shevchuk
  6. Joseph Gray
  7. Jason Ryant
  8. Marlee Eheler
  9. Croshane
  10. Reid Sutherland
  11. Alepren
  12. Prakash Pakked
  13. Lisa Bwrs
  14. TheImageHunter
  15. Andrey DAS
  16. Ian MacKenzie
  17. lvchengv
  18. Barehouse Productions

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