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My name is Sway and i'm a freelance filmmaker/editor

Perswayed Films & ArtOfficial Productions is a team of creative artists who are passionate about painting stories through visual imagery.

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Once upon a time in a city far, far, away from the bright lights of Hollywood and the dreamers of New York… there was a forgotten city filled with ideas of its own. A city that overflows with undiscovered talent and raw creativity, where street corners are turned into stages and buildings become canvases. A city where the thunderous trains heard overhead are urban symphonies that play soundtrack to the creative mind. From the deep streets of its ghettos and mellow suburbia to the busy metropolis of it’s downtown- Chicago has raised talent and nurtured its skill with inspiration. Even in the bitter cold of its winters and the summer’s scorching heat, the artists born to this city stay loyal to the evolution of Chicago art, even in the unfamiliar presence of outsiders that have failed to appreciate it’s perspective.

Three of the city’s own have set out on an innovative journey to exhibit the Right Side Idea of Chicago’s Artists and deliver them the respect that they deserve. Kique’s unique mind with design, Laura’s imaginative eye in the camera and Sways fearless voice through his music have brought them all together to explore the heart of this forgotten city. The 3 have made it their mission to open the eyes of a blinded audience with these unseen talents and show the world the abilities of a disregarded community. Through their passion for art, their commitment to their fellow dreamer and the love of their city the idea of Art Official was born. It is their artistic approach to restore love to this far away city where it is often overshadowed by its criminal mind rather than its creative heart. It is their mission to expose everything that is officially Chicago and officially art. We present to you… ArtOfficial.


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  1. ArtOfficial commented on Making Room
    Brilliant work! I continue to get inspired by these. This one really puts things into perspective. Great to see this side of Philip.