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Artvamp, LLC is a multimedia production company run by husband and wife Kristie and Usama Alshaibi.

General Information:
Artvamp was founded in 2000 by Kristie Alshaibi, a filmmaker, photographer, video and performance artist, and designer. It is now owned and managed by she and her husband, Usama Alshaibi, an award winning independent filmmaker, documentarian, photographer, and painter.

Artvamp produces and supports a number of different projects, from feature-length independent movies, to film events, to performance, to web sites, books and digital art. Our work has been shown to intimate audiences in alternative venues across the globe and to broader audiences on the Sundance Channel and at well-known theaters and festivals. Collectively we’ve received grants and fellowships for our moving images from organizations like Creative Capital and The MacArthur Foundation, and we’ve been published in magazines, and interviewed for media as mainstream as Variety and MTV. If we like a project or are inspired by an idea, we pursue it, regardless of the genre or medium in which we are working.

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