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Portland, Oregon

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Professional videographer/editor and producer. New to the Portland, Oregon area via Austin, TX. I've been working in the television & video business for over 15 years. Pushing constantly to grow as an editor and producer, finding new challenges to add to my craft. Experienced in promotional marketing packages, athletic highlight reels and human interest stories. 5 years of ENG "run & gun" shooting in many different situations and locations. Editing under tight deadlines and being a one man band is nothing unusual for me. I will bring the professionalism and enthusiastic attitude expected on every shoot.


  1. Pickathon Festival
  2. Wetcoast Productions
  3. Josh Izenberg
  4. 5Point Film Festival
  5. everdream
  6. Petole Productions
  7. Public Record
  8. Alison Gallego
  9. Ryan Enn Hughes
  10. lila eidi