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Combo Apps: My mission is to share everything I know about editing with my iPhone, and other mobile devices with different combinations of different apps. I publish a weekly blog about extreme Mobile editing. There will be step by step tutorial with screen shots and occasional video of the unique ways of how I edit my iPhone photos. Everything is taken with my iPhone about the everyday ordinary people, places and things that grab my attention.

Product Review: My mission for these blog posts are about products that are related to mobile art and mobile photography. Recently I've been finding posts that people are interested in styli, tripods and iPhone lenses. What else I’ve found are a lot of these blog posts are poorly written. My goal is to write the better blog post reviews, with better details on how products actually works, push these products to it maximum levels and beyond. Some of the products are compatible to Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, Nook Color and other mobile devices. These products are to enhance your skills, make it a little easier and improve the quality of mobile arts and photography. These blog posts are design to find that happy medium to your artistic needs, not all products will do everything you want or need it to do. It’s important to buy with an open mind and not expectations. If you have your heart and gut are set on buying something, 9 times out of 10 that will be the product for you. I do like feed back and constructive criticism from these blog posts that are posted from actual users of the products, so please engage in these blog posts and let me know what you actually think.

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