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  1. North American Mission Board
  2. Tim Long
  3. Mockingbird
  4. Randy Alcorn
  5. Compass Cinema
  6. Unearthed
  7. American Vision
  8. Denton Bible Media
  9. Ed Stetzer
  10. The Proclamation Trust
  11. The Rocket Company
  12. HistoryMiami
  13. Santiago Then
  14. Canon Wired
  15. Friends of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford
  16. oxfordchristianmind
  17. Lamp Mode Recordings
  18. Passion

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  1. Thanks Dan, love these videos and your work. God bless brother!
  2. Fantastic video. If I might mention a slight compassionate criticism. I thought the video was solid but I thought it only focused on "white pastors". I love the fact that H.B. Charles Jr. will be speaking at the conference with Dr. Mohler & Dr. Begg…