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Hello! Welcome to my online portfolio provided by Vimeo. My name is Stephen Aspen Harper, and I am a working video professional in Austin, TX.

Videography is a newer form of communication in our world, of course, and that communication is literally available worldwide. This means anything that anyone ever needs to say can be said to the precise audience it is intended for and then some. Personally, I love being the facilitator/specialist of that creation of communication. I like working with people and figuring out with them how they would like to present their message.

A lot of what you will see here on my Vimeo page are self-produced short video projects that give example to my technical skills. I've worked on some really great projects, but I'm passionate for more sustenance in future projects. I want to help change the world. And if Steve Jobs thought the iPhone and iPad and PCs (for that matter) are bicycles for the brain, I'd like to be that specialized personal trainer for everyone riding. :)

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