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  1. Neo-futurism

    by Kita Ratysheva joined

    44 Videos / 54 Members

    We wish we would be there soon ...


    by GODS inFUN joined

    907 Videos / 672 Members

  3. Old Movies - New Sounds

    by D. Kuntze joined

    482 Videos / 181 Members

    share you're old movies with us get creative & set them to music - djing - sounddesign - score - live performances - and so on upload you're stuff...

  4. Synchromysticism

    by ViolatoR joined

    87 Videos / 45 Members

    A place where there are no limits to the connections, and where truth can come from anywhere at anytime. This group is for people who like to make and watch generally synchromystic videos. One…

  5. Buddhism and Film

    by KuNala joined

    134 Videos / 101 Members

  6. Mix & Match

    by wreckandsalvage joined

    1,256 Videos / 1,007 Members

    Focusing on videos that reuse, remix, and re-edit FOUND FOOTAGE in creative ways. The emphasis is on APPROPRIATED film and video. We want your finest found video/film remixes. DO NOT SUBMIT: Music…

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