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The Washington Theological Union (WTU) is a Roman Catholic graduate school for theology and ministry. It is also a member of the Washington Theological Consortium (WTC), an ecumenical group of many theological schools in the DC area. Since 2002, the WTU has hosted monthly meetings of the WTC Religion and Science Group, composed of area scientists and theologians. In September, 2010 we received an invitation from the John Templeton Foundation to apply for a grant to promote knowledge of science among religious leaders. On Sept. 30, 2011, we were awarded a grant for our project “atom + Eve: Using Science in Pastoral Ministry”. From Nov. 2011 to March 2013, WTU will present 4 conferences on The Origin of the Universe, the Origin of Life and Its Development, the Moral Life of Virtue, Sin and Original Sin, and Spirituality in an Evolutionary World. Each conference will have 4 speakers, two scientists and two theologians; all of them distinguished specialists in their field. The conferences are directed by scripture scholar Rev. Joseph F. Wimmer, O.S.A., S.T.D., of the Washington Theological Union and by paleontologist Dr. Daryl Domning, Ph.D., of Howard University.

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