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International Representation: RESET - resetcontent.com
Australian/NZ Representation: The Sweet Shop - thesweetshop.tv
London Representation: Academy Films - academyfilms.com

TWiN are innovative brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker. The Australian born, New York based pair have made a name for themselves telling fanciful stories with an every day honest flair. Their naturalistic imagery embraces the bizarre and creates a detailed world that’s often both beautiful and imaginative. While much of their work incorporates brawny visual effects, TWiN avoid cold and glossy visuals by conducting a charming cast of human and often animated characters. Armed with the natural shorthand you’d expect from twins, the duo thrives on the co-directing process. Their unified sensibilities show a meticulous eye for detail and a natural ability to draw the best from their collaborators. Their shooting style is messy but tangible, imaginative yet relatable, and always places emphasis on captivating imagery.


  1. Jason Sondhi
  2. Stefan Duscio
  3. Tony Zhou
  4. Glenn Stewart
  5. Patrick Kalyn
  6. Patrick Clair
  7. dress code
  8. Kendy
  9. Allan McKay
  10. Larkin Seiple
  11. Kevin Couliau
  12. Greg Brunkalla
  13. High Highs
  14. greig fraser
  15. J. C O O P E R
  16. Supervixen
  17. The Mill
  18. Joseph Fraioli

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