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Audionerve is a sound design and audio production studio, founded in 2005 by Jochen Mader.

In the last years we've been working on a bunch of lovely commercials, movies, shorts and interactive projects for clients from all over the globe including BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Nissan, Chevrolet, LIDL, Olympus and more. Studios and agencies include Interone, BBDO, Nordpol+, Sehsucht, Kultnation, DCC, StupidStudio,, KORB, Undream, Alametifarika.

The Audionerve homebase in the heart of Hamburg offers a welcoming atmosphere and if you want to stop by: There's always some coffee and good music.

If you are somebody who's checking the usual magazines and websites, you may also find some of our work featured on Motionographer, Stash, IdN, Page...

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