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Born in 1984. Edwin Lo is a sound artist, sound designer and field recordist form Hong Kong graduated from School of Creative Media (SCM), City University of Hong Kong. Through different explorations on sound, Edwin Lo tries to develop his own philosophy and language on sound and listening: thinking sound as an object of desire, as haunting memories and experiences.

Lo’s sound works are widely published in various countries such as Hong Kong, China, Japan and Mexico. Lo’s sound works were exhibited since 2008 in various local and overseas exhibitions such as Hong Kong Sound Station (2009, Para/Site), Shenzhen&Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism Architecture 2009, SoundLab (2009, 2010), FILE 2010 – Electronic Language International Festival, EMERGEANDSEE Media Art Festival (2010), P/S Central (2010) and Hong Kong InDependent Film Festival 2010.

Other than his solo works, he has also participated in theatre production since 2010. His first contribution as core creative member (also with Fee Chan and Kayeun Kwok) in theatre production “Tides in Limbo” (2009) was awarded Jury Awards in Sidekick Theatre Festival. He continues his involvement in various production “My Favourite Time” (2009), “448 Things to do at 4.48” (2010) and “Woman.Appetites” (2011).


羅潤庭, 聲音藝術家、田野錄音工作者。畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院。探索聲音的種種, 從而嘗試建立對聲音的哲理與語法, 將聲音看待為慾望的投射, 揮之不去的記憶與經驗。羅氏聲音作品在香港、內地、日本和墨西哥出版。自2008年開始, 曾經參與本地與海外展覽如 Hong Kong Sound Station (2009)、EMERGEANDSEE Media Art Festival (2010)、P/S Central (2010) 、Hong Kong InDependent Film Festival 2010 和White Walls Have Ears (2011) 等。 而由2010年開始, 羅氏參與《旋轉三途川》(2009, 與郭嘉源、陳冠而合作)、《賣飛佛時代》(2009)、《448個黑色姿勢》(2010)和《女身饗宴》(2011); 其中以《旋轉三途川》獲得Sidekick 牛棚實驗劇場節的評審團大獎。

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