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San Francisco, Los Angeles

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I am a woman creating and challenging ideas in the competitive & vast world of filmmaking. To me, film brings our imaginations to life and invites others into them in a way that no other medium can. It brings us to other worlds, puts us in the shoes of strangers, teaches us things we may not know and brings forth emotions that we need to feel. You can completely forget who you are and where you are & just get lost in the story of a well-made film.

Film combines all the elements of the arts that I love. I'm intrigued by the dark, the imaginary, the disturbing, the beautiful, the sweet and the mind-bending stories out there. I'm inspired by the ones that will transcend the mind and make one think and if not, at least entertained. Right now I'm most interested in creating narrative films, (especially psychological / horror / drama & thrillers), cosmetic art makeup projects and any collaborative work. I also do stylized portrait photography and love to voice act :)

I'm here to explore the negative space, the unspoken & darker sides of relationships between people & the worlds that we think only exist in our imagination, but in truth are mirrors of reality.

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