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August is a southern California native. Learning his craft from his father, a well known cinematographer. 
While growing up in the business he started from the bottom, carrying sand bags and pushing dolly.
In his teens still photography opened his eyes, it was a way to express his visions.
He creates highly stylized beautiful imagery with honest realism and inspiring art direction.
While working as a editor he made the transition into the advertising industry.
With a keen eye for high production value he seamlessly transitioned into directing and designing brand campaigns for the nbc agency.
He was the director of photography for the 2013 nbc primetime preview show. August also works
in post production being responsible for the creation and implementation of graphic and animated elements
He has a passion for show packaging and knowledge of current trends in graphic design.
On his free time, he teaches his children interactive audio and visual design. He also races motocross.
If you have a spare moment, please feel free to view his portfolio

August - Director/Cameraman

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