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I’m Austin Countryman, a fourth year transfer student at the University of Texas at Tyler. I transferred to UT Tyler after graduating from Tyler Junior College in May 2012 with an associate degree in Graphic Design & Photography. Currently, I am in my third semester in pursuit of a bachelor degree in mass communication multimedia journalism with a minor of speech communication.

Everywhere my life and interests have taken me has in some way involved communication. Graphic design and photography are utilized to visually communicate ideas and information to the public. Journalism (including multimedia) communicates ideas in words and visually through photos and videos. Speech is informing me of verbal and non-verbal communication. Since communication is a key element to life, especially in this internet-rich culture with a demanding audience, I am pursuing this degree to be fully equipped with knowledge and expertise of all forms of communication.

Through my many years in college and to this date, I have built and managed more than 10 professional websites for businesses and organizations. As a junior and senior in high school, I built websites for two local businesses and then began working at the Grand Saline Sun newspaper. During my time there, I created and managed content on their website and occasionally covered news events. As I left for college, I moved to Tyler and was almost immediately recruited by a local business, In The Wind. I currently manage some aspects of their website and design promotional materials. At the start of the summer of 2013, I was contacted by four different companies to build and manage their websites as I pursue my degree.

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