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So, I'm Austin Halvorsen and I am a student at Southern Oregon University. I am currently majoring in Film, Television, and Convergent Media as well as Emerging Media Digital Arts (EMDA). I started Filming ever since I was in 4th grade where would use my parents sony video camcorder that used cassettes. I was so eager to film that I accidentally recorded over my sisters baby tapes. When I was in 6th grade, I started stop motion animation where I would have my legos fight each other to the death. In 8th grade I started computer animations. My first engine to achieve this was Microsoft Paint where I used the same painstaking frame by frame process, but for the first time I was able to take my creative drive somewhere other than the world outside my window and create cartoons in my own universe. Since then, I have upgrade to Adobe Flash and After Effects as well as the entire creative suite. I have my own DSLR and have been taking known techniques, as well as creating my own, to make whatever it is I see in my mind.


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