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If The Auteurs is a round-the-clock film festival, an international online cinémathèque, then Garage is the cabinet of Dziga Vertov, a factory of actions and arguments towards a new direction in independent filmmaking. It has no aesthetic dogma, no arthouse code. It’s a collective, and the filmmakers within work together to conduct their own experiments, and to create their own challenges.

The overall emphasis is on taking control of the means of production, improving upon economies of scale and seeking alternative tactics and routes for distribution, including (but not limited to)— VOD, live events, and screenings outside of the traditional cinema/theatrical environment.

It does this in three ways—
1. By building a global network of filmmakers creating, discussing and sharing their experience across The Auteurs website – an open-source production school ground on a bed of hard realities.

2. Via a program of video interviews, v-casts and seminars featuring world class industry professionals, vanguard experimentalists and contemporary theorists, educators and critics. Begins February 2010

3. By connecting filmmakers with production companies and financiers, and promoting alternatives to mainstream distribution channels: guerilla screening programs, self-made festivals, and new financial models such as crowd-funding, and creative commons licensing.

This is not a manifesto.
This is a call for manifestos, in the form of the moving image.

Ultimate goal —
The creation of a platform for new and sometimes radical work by 21st century filmmakers and audio-visual artists.

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