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He was born somewhere sometime, but the latest theories set his birth in Spain, close in time to 1982 Football World Cup. Soon after, he started to draw despite society insisting on him to learn how to write with a reduced amount of spelling mistakes. Currently he is able to do those two things without offending most of the people most of the time.

He had a dry sponge instead of a normal brain. That is why he has been always influenced by sciences, art, politics, history, literature and high level disciplines like comic books, videogames, and animation series. He is also often called “walking-wikipedia-man” by some people.

He has worked mainly as a multidisciplinary digital artist in animation, videogames and illustration projects, being awarded for his crimes in film festivals and game events. His most personal work is driven by a deep sight on life, people feelings, fantasy and imagination.

In addition to his artistic work, he likes training in martial arts, international travelling and petting almost any kind of creature.

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