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You’ll be saying farewell to run of the mill music once you've experience the exceptional sound of ARRIVEDERCI!

It all began in 2007 with a merger of sorts between Timothee Lovelock, Adam Piccoli and Zack Gracius. Discovering a common love for Maroon 5, Cold Play, Michael Jackson, and Kanye West, the trio decided to create a sound reflective of the melting pot that is America.

With an ingenious marriage of electro and pop, ARRIVEDERCI is a high powered group of musical alchemists. The art of musical transformation reveals itself through their euphonious fusion of dynamic vocals, hard hitting beats, and melodic chords.

“We consider ourselves to be pioneers of a new wave of music”, says Zack. Standing in agreement is Atlantic Records Rep., Swen Brock: “the music is hot and has a real catchy sound.” Universal A&R, Nigil Mac, also affirms “they have a hot look and outstanding sound; it’s something I’ve been looking for”.

“Goodbye”, released in June 2009, this phenomenal band is undoubtedly giving pop music a new face and an unmarked sound. Clean lyrics, unsullied vocals, contemporary-urban inspirational flare… ARRIVEDERCI is Electro-Pop at its best.
“GoodBye” is set to release June 2009

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