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Glenn Thomas, also known as Avene by a number of people, records music, does music videos, cinematography, video editing, photography, sound design, digital art, hip hop beats, the occasional bit of 3d animation & web design, and is based in Sydney, Australia.

I'm working from home editing my movies using Sony Vegas Pro 12. My current camera is a Sony NEX5N with a Mitakon LensTurbo adapter that I use with my Nikon lenses which are an f1.4 50mm, f2.8 28mm, f2.8 100mm and an f2.8 135mm. I also use a Sony f2.8 16mm lens and a Fujian 35mm f1.7 CCTV lens.

Most of my music is recorded using either Presonus Studio One, Sony Acid, or my Akai MPC500, with most mastering being done using Studio One, or sometimes even Vegas.

Be sure to visit my website if you get a chance where I have articles covering the videos in more detail.

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