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Avital de Rooze studied ‘Cultural and Social Development’ at the ‘Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Applied Science’. During her internship at the cultural activity centre ‘The Kargadoor’ in Utrecht, she developed a monthly movie night for upcoming filmmakers and film-connoisseurs. While minoring in the: ‘Minor Media, Culture and Visual Literacy’ she made a short documentary. Her graduation assignment was the development of an annual film festival which provides a stepping stone to journalism students of the ‘Hogeschool Utrecht’. Avital graduated her Bachelor in February 2013. After finishing her studies she did an internship at the ‘Latin American Film Festival’. She worked as a print traffic coordinator and as an all-round production assistant.

"Film and documentary are one of the most beautiful ways to tell stories to each other; they can inspire, inform and excite people."


  1. Ambacht in Beeld
  2. Melanie Pardoel
  3. Janky Clown Productions
  4. The Forgotten Space
  5. Astray Films
  6. Jeff Desom
  7. Rik Möhlmann
  8. Claudio Araya Silva

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