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Freefly coaching in the tunnel and the sky.

Mike Brigg
IBA Level IV Instructor
BPA Freefly Coach
Gold Medal in Freefly at Coupe de France1 2013 with French Freefly team AirWax

Having spent 4 years working in the tunnel and skydiving industry, clocking up well over 1000 hours coaching experience and attaining the highest rating for an IBA Instructor, I can help you develop the skills you want to attain.

I coach people in the tunnel and in the sky. I'm working as a flight instructor and freefly coach for iFLY Downunder. And I'm running freefly coaching events at Skydive Elderslie and Adrenaline Skydive Goulburn.

Whether you're looking for a 1 on 1 introduction to tunnel flying itself, or are already able to fly on your head and are looking to do more technical, dynamic group flying, I can cater to what you wish to achieve.

For coaching contact mjnbrigg@gmail.com

or visit

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