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Andreas has worked in the entertainment and advertising industry for over 15 years. As Director of Photography, his credits include the narrative features: It's All Relative, directed by J.C. Khoury and starring Connie Nielsen, Jonathan Sadowksi and Sara Paxton; Douglas Brown directed by Justin Daly and produced by Jen Gatien; Family Games produced by Ben Barenholtz; and The Pill, directed by J.C. Khoury, starring Noah Bean and Rachel Boston.

In documentary, Andreas co-shot Mike Meyers directorial debut, Supermench, The Legendary Life of Shep Gordon; he DP'd the Ugandan doc, Wakaliwood produced by Ben Barenholtz and Running America 08 produced by Larry Meistrich.

In television, he has lensed numerous episodes of the forensics TV show Bloodwork for A&E International and has DP'd skits for Saturday Night Live. He also wrote, directed, and edited, the feature film, Anna's Thread and the short film, The Lottery, starring Kevin Conway.

As a specialist in branded entertainment, he has directed, edited and photographed films for Swarovski, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Michael Kors, Veuve Clicquot, Aerin, Givenchy, David Yurman, and many more.

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