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Category: Action Sports

A video that uses filmmaking to creatively showcase action sports.

Judging Considerations:

We are not looking for trick videos. We are looking for well-crafted videos that elevate the given sport through creative cinematography, editing and storytelling.


  1. Maximum length: 10 minutes
  2. Your submission must be a complete original video that focuses on the theme of action sports.
  3. Submissions must be complete standalone videos that present the subject matter in a clear, creative, and original way.
  4. We define action sports as any of the following, but not limited to: skateboarding, blading, snow sports, kite boarding, surfing, drifting, body boarding, BASE jumping/wingsuit, sky diving, bmx, motorcross, parkour, etc.
  5. Entries may be narrative, documentary-based, animated, or based on an experimental technique.
  6. Submissions may not be excerpts from longer films.
  7. You must have the permission of the applicable sports organization and/or participants to enter the video in a contest.


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