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As Executive Producer/Creative Technologist Loc Dao heads up digital content and strategy for English Programming at the National Film Board of Canada. Loc oversees the slate of digital projects and leads the digital team which has created and produced award winning work such as Bear 71, Waterlife, Welcome to Pinepoint, The Test Tube with David Suzuki, This Land and more available on

His work has been awarded dozens of major international and national honours including one 2012 Webby Award for God’s Lake Narrows, two 2011 Webby Awards for Welcome to Pinepoint, the 2010 Webby Award for Best Online Documentary program for Waterlife and Best Cross Platform program for The Test Tube at the 2009 Canadian New Media Awards. Loc’s role varies from Digital Creator on The Test Tube, to Creative Producer on Waterlife to Creative Technologist on all of the NFB’s digital content.

Prior to joining the NFB, Loc worked in the private new media industry on projects such as the Vancouver 2010 Olympic’s Cultural Olympiad, citizen journalism startups and publishing companies strategic transitions from print to digital.

Loc’s background is in media having moved from Sound Engineer to Webmaster to Producer to Executive Producer for CBC Radio between 1992-1998. Loc created one of the first websites for CBC in 1994 and in 2002 was Executive Producer and co-creator the award winning CBC Radio 3 web magazine/FM radio/Podcast platform that won 1 Prix Italia, 3 Webby Awards, 2 New York Festival Grand Prizes and an Art Directors Club award among over 20 others.

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