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Sam Piggott and Nathan Pascoe's ongoing collaborative production company, Awesome Studios. Here, we'll be uploading any projects we've got going, anything we're trying out (tests and the like) - and the lot of them will be posted on our website,

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  1. Greyscalegorilla
  2. Ben D'Angelillo
  3. Tom Heath
  4. Kieran Sadler
  5. Richard Harper
  6. Shannon James
  7. Steven j Cooper
  8. Chris Leese
  9. Mire Productions
  10. Bec Cranswick
  11. Gary Foster
  12. Tom Synnott-Bell
  13. ThreeHeadedMonster
  14. James Lees
  15. Newspeak Productions
  16. Sam Rainey
  17. The Brothers McLeod
  18. M.F.A

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  1. Hey Sam, I was reading this strain and I thought I might post up my soundcloud too, Let me know what you think(: Thank you and have a good day Link: