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Axel is an awarded Industrial Designer with a Masters degree in Animation & Post Production. He is a Senior Art Director, specialized in Motion Graphics and 3D Animation. With over 15 years in the digital design industry, his portfolio showcases works for major international clients such as Coca-Cola, Cartoon Network, Disney, Purina, Telefónica, Univision and many others.

In all these years Axel has always been interested the latest trends in design. This curiosity has led him to be the Creative & Design Director of a major web development firm in LatAm. He's been in charge of a 30+ team of 3D artists for an animation feature film. He's been a freelance animation artist and he has also had an animation studio. Today Axel is the Art Director of Plataforma, a multinational production company based in Mexico, with offices in USA, Argentina, and Brazil.

His knowledge spans concept development, art & design direction, production design, 2D & 3D animation, VFX, motion graphics and team leading.

He has also a vast career as teacher and researcher. He's participated in a pan-european research project for the development of procedural animation systems. As a professor, he's been in charge of the Masters in 3D Animation at 9Zeros (Barcelona, Spain) and he's also been a visiting professor at the Masters in Animation at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain) and also at the Animation d'Auteur class at the Escola Massana (Barcelona, Spain). For the last three years he's been in charge of the first level of Industrial Design at the Galán Class held at the Faculty of Architecture and Design (FADU) of Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

With his personal work he's earned awards and mentions at many international animation festivals such as Annecy, Animadrid, Hiroshima Animation Festival, HAFF, Zagreb Animation Festival, among others.

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