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Im prol'e, aka anthony thompson. i was born in detroit, then soon moved to ypsilanti/ann arbor for a better living. There I started rhyming when i was about 11 , started recording around 13. Growing in the music life, I learned to perfect my craft first, getting practice out the way - i soon got in contact with family that got me in contact with bone thugs. Things didn't work out between BONE THUGS N HARMONY so i soon departed. There I went to start a small group called "D.C.A" (DIFFERENT CLASS ALUMNI), rapping for a whole year together we soon realized we all had a new different outlook on fame and coming up as artists, so we split up. From there I started putting all my talents to work. Engineering , producing, graphic design , vocal training//. i used all my talents to make my self look , feel and sound like a professional artist, at home.
Now stationed in Ann Arbor, i make music in my home studio and I post it to the internet, hoping some one BIG stumbles a pawn it.

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