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A Magazine on Eurasia's Metropol Visual Culture With The Sharper Edge of the Middle Eastern Art in Mind

A Polemic Collective Critical Forum on Aesthetics and Media, A Platform for Eurasia & Middle East's Visual Culture Beyond the Contemporary.The non-profit organization, Az kolexion 'e London is a collaborative that provides a platform for polymorphic visual arts with a focus on the existing interfaces for interactive between performance arts, theatrics and visual arts. Confounded by Massod Vadiee HIV/AIDS physician and Arden Zahedi-Bogucka AKL takes a trans-disciplinary approach on promoting and curating art,literature and culture.

Current Profiles on AKl :

Rambod Vala(USA)
Farideh Lashai (Iran)
Morehshin Alahyari (USA)
Sadik Alfraji (Netherlands)
Alireza Fani( Iran)
Anahita Razmi(Germany)
Sahar Mokhtari(Iran)
Babak Kazemi(Iran)
Shahpour Pouyan(Iran)
Reza Abedini(Iran)
Mounir Fatmi (France)
Mehdi Ghadyanloo(Iran)
Nooshin Naficy(Iran)

Arden Zahedi-Bogucka is an independent curator and designer working with Dokumuzik Projekts and Eramrynek Groups. She is currently based in United Kingdom and Poland. She works for European Independent Curators Group (EICI ) which organizes exhibitions, events, and training opportunities for diverse audiences. She graduated with a master in philosophy from Jagiellonian University in Poland. She is currently an exchange postgraduate student at The School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

Trustee and Mentors :
Professor Anna Krasnawolska,PhD
Iranian Studies Jagiellonian University
Curators & Consultants:
Arden Zahedi-Bogucka,M.A
Massod Vadiee, MD.PhD
Exhibitions & Internships: Jamshid Rene'-Honarfar
Social Media Editor:Heriknaz Sibirian


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