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Kuala Lumpur

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Azren Azimuddin is a contemporary ukulele/acoustic guitar player specializing in tapping and percussive techniques. He can make a single ukulele/acoustic guitar sound like a full band playing all at once, sometimes plays the guitar on his lap. His unique "elbow style" playing has been covered by the media on newspaper, radio and even television.
His very eclectic music covers a range of genres from traditional world music to a tinge of jazz, bluegrass and even electronic music. He has been performing in the United Kingdom last 10 years and is currently back in his home country Malaysia. He has also had experience teaching music to both kids and adults. He's also capable of various other instruments including bass, drums, piano, voice and has knowledge of music software and technology.
He has played a variety gig settings, from the corporate functions, bars, festivals and has gone as far as performing the streets of London , busking away through the night.

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